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Introduction to NICS

To enhance the nation’s cyber security technology competence, and promote the research, development, and application of cyber security technology, the Act for the Establishment of the National Institute of Cyber Security (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) was approved by the Executive Yuan and it is officially implemented on January 1, 2023. The Ministry of Digital Affairs shall be its supervisory authority. 


The Institute’s scope of operation shall include:

1. Researching and developing cyber security technology, and promoting the application, technology transfer, industry-university collaboration services, and international cooperation and exchanges of cyber security technology.

2. Assisting in planning and promoting national cyber security protection mechanisms.

3. Assisting government agencies and critical infrastructure in responding to major cyber security incidents.

4. Assisting in planning and supporting of the cyber security protection of nation’s critical infrastructure..

5. Assisting in planning and fostering cyber security talents, and promoting cyber security awareness nationwide.

6. Supporting government agencies or institutions in cyber security protection operations with special sensitivity.

7. Supporting demands for the industry’s major development in cyber security and its regulatory initiatives.

8. Other matters related to cyber security technology. 



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